This Phone Number Cannot Be Used for Verification. [FIXED]

Are you getting the “This Phone Number Cannot be Used for Verification.” while trying to verify your account? While functioning as important calling numbers, our phone numbers are being used for a variety of other purposes, including verification of our identity online.

Though the verification process is nearly flawless regardless of which website or service you use on the internet, there are occasions when we are unable to utilize a specific number for verification on Google.

This Phone Number Cannot Be Used for Verification. – Causes and What It Means

The error message “This Phone Number Cannot be Used for Verification.” is most often returned when registering for a Google mail account because you have exceeded the number of unique accounts you can create with that number.

You can currently create up to four accounts with each phone number. So, you’ll have this problem if the number you’re using has already been used too many times by you or is a recycled number that has previously been used with Google. Additionally, this count can’t be reset.

Signing in from A New Location or Device

Google can track anyone who uses its servers, regardless of where they are located or what type of internet connection they are using. If you are in the United States or India, for example, Google may track your specific location as well as your home country. As a result, if you are accessing Google’s services from a place like Mainland China, Google will try to stop you.

Invalid Number

Google is also capable of detecting your phone number and determining whether or not it is genuine. If it is an unusual mobile phone number, such as one that is not yours or one that is from another region, such as mainland China, Google will not allow you to access its servers.

Your Device or App May Not Meet Google’s Security Standards

Some apps don’t support the latest security standards, and therefore, to keep your account secure, Google may restrict access to these less secure apps from accessing your account. Some examples of these apps include; Mail app on your iPhone or iPad that still runs on iOS 6 or below, mail apps that are pre-installed on your device, and third-party desktop mail clients.

This Phone Number Cannot be Used for Verification – Best Fixes

Fix 1: Register with Another Number

We’d recommend completely changing the phone number as the first thing to do should you get this notification. Google also allows you to enter the country code, so try entering your country code along with your number. Generally, these two have fixed most issues with phone number verifications and have helped to clear the “this phone number cannot be used for verification.” error notification.

Fix 2: Registration via The Third-Party Software

The use of third-party software for registration is another popular option for registering your account. There are several third-party apps available on the market that will help you register using Gmail. An example of such an app is PVACreator.

To do this, you need to download these email apps on your mobile phone and then add an account. When you want to add your account, choose to log in with your Google account, select “create a new account,” then proceed with the registration process.

Fix 3: Using Gmail Registration Assistant

You can always use the Gmail registration assistant to quickly and easily register for Gmail. This tool is both simple to use and effective. After you’ve registered in this way, you’ll be able to log in on your own with ease.

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