How To Restart a Phone Without Power Button

The power button may develop mechanical issues that make it temporarily unresponsive. In such instances, you must find a way to restart your phone without the power button.

While the power button is important to your phone, it doesn’t have to be the endgame. You can restart your phone without the power button. Let’s analyze how you can work around this challenge and learn how to restart a phone without power button. The fixes we’ll recommend in this article will work whether you are using an Android ̣phone or an iPhone.

How To Restart a Phone Without Power Button

There are several ways to restart your Android phone if the power button is either faulty or unresponsive.

Option 1: Volume + Home Buttons

Press either the Up or Down Button and the Home Button simultaneously. Hold them down for ten to twenty seconds. The phone should display the option to restart the device.

Option 2: Scheduled power ON or OFF

Navigate to the Settings option and click it. For most Android devices, you should find the Schedule Power ON & OFF option. Click this option to set what time of the day you want the phone to come ON and OFF. So, if for any reason your power button stops working, your phone will still restart at the scheduled time.

Option 3: Use the ‘Power Button to Volume Button’ App

On the Google Play Store, search for the Power Button to Volume Button App. With permissions granted, you can substitute the Volume Button for the Power Button. With the volume button now working as the power button, restarting your phone is easy. The app is free on the Google Play store.

Option 4: Use the Double-tap option

Most android phones come with the ‘Double-tap to wake’ feature. The feature makes it easier to put your phone to sleep or wake up mode. So anytime you double-tap any area of the screen, the phone goes to sleep. Double-tapping the screen in this state also wakes it up.

This feature is pre-activated in most modern android phones. However, if it is not already activated on your phone, do the following: Settings >> Advanced Features >> Motions and Gestures >> Toggle to Enable Double-tap to Sleep.

Once activated, double-tap your phone to sleep and immediately double-tap your phone to wake up. Doing this restarts your android phone without the power button.

How to restart a Samsung phone without the power button

While most of the options above will work for the average Samsung phone, here are some other methods that are exclusive to Samsung phones:

Fix 1: Use the Notification Slider

To restart your Samsung phone without the power button, slide down your notifications from the top. This will display settings like Data connection, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and so on. Next, Slide the notifications down a second time. It will display other settings including the power icon. Tap it to restart your Samsung phone.

How To Restart a Phone Without Power Button

Fix 2: Use a USB cable

If you can’t turn your Samsung phone ON because of a broken power button, plug your USB cable into a computer.

On your phone, press the Volume up key + Volume down keys together. While you do this, plug the USB that is already connected to a computer into the phone. Wait for a few seconds until a Warning Page is displayed. Press only the Volume down button to clear the warning and restart your Samsung phone.

How to start an iPhone without power button

Step 1: Use the ‘AssistiveTouch’ Button

The AssistiveTouch is an iPhone feature that creates a virtual ‘Home’ button on your phone screen. This allows you the same functionality as the buttons, Go to Settings >Accessibility >> AssistiveTouch

Turn this feature ON by sliding the icon to the right. Once you can see it on your display, the feature is ON.

From your screen, press and hold the virtual lock screen button for at least 10 seconds. The slide-to-power-off prompt should now appear. Use your finger to slide the icon to the right to turn OFF your phone. To turn it back ON, plug the iPhone into any power source to charge.

How To Restart a Phone Without Power Button

Step 2: Restart Network Settings

On your iPhone, go to Settings and then tap General. From the options displayed, Navigate to Reset Network Settings and click it. You will be required to enter your iPhone’s passcode. On supplying your passcode, the iPhone restarts to apply the new settings. Take note that this will erase all saved networks including saved Wi-Fi networks and their passwords.

Step 3: Turn on the Bold Text feature

To activate this feature after turning it ON, the phone will need to restart. To turn this setting ON, go to: Settings >> General >> Accessibility. On sighting the Bold Text option, slide it to the right to turn it ON. As you turn it ON, a pop-up will inform you that “Applying this setting will restart your iPhone.” Click Continue to restart your phone without the power button.

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