15 Funny Ways to Say “Whatever Floats Your Boat”

‘While the idiom ‘whatever floats your boat’ is commonly used to dismiss another person’s viewpoint or choices, there are plenty of fun and creative ways to work this phrase into conversation.

As with many idioms, the saying can take on new colorful meanings when expressed through some less literal interpretations.

Whether you want to lighten the mood or poke gentle fun at a friend’s quirks, here are 15 funny ways to say whatever floats your boat.

15 Hilarious Ways to Say “Whatever Floats Your Boat”

  • Whatever elevates your yacht
  • Whatever lifts your dinghy
  • Whatever aerates your pool toy
  • Whatever buoys your barge
  • As you wish
  • To each their own
  • If that’s your thing, do your zing
  • Go for it, if it makes you lit
  • Suit yourself, don’t be an elf
  • If that’s how you roll, rock and troll
  • Your call, don’t be a doll
  • If that’s your jam, slam bam thank you, ma’am
  • If that’s your cup of tea, drink it with glee
  • If that’s your groove, make your move
  • Live and let live

1. Whatever elevates your yacht

Ways to Say Whatever Floats Your Boat

This comical expression takes the idea of ‘Whatever floats your boat’ to a whole new level of luxury and extravagance.

Instead of merely floating, we’re talking about elevating your yacht—an action that implies a sense of grandeur and opulence.

This phrase playfully suggests that whatever brings you joy, satisfaction, or fulfillment is akin to the experience of having your yacht gracefully lifted above the water, as if defying gravity itself.

It’s a lighthearted way to encourage someone to pursue what makes them happy, even if it involves indulging in their most lavish desires.

So, whether it’s a hobby, a passion, or a guilty pleasure, this whimsical phrase reminds us to embrace the things that make us feel like we’re soaring above the rest.

2. Whatever lifts your dinghy 

Whatever lifts your dinghy is a humorous twist on the idiom ‘Whatever floats your boat’ that adds a nautical touch while injecting a dose of playful irreverence.

Instead of a boat, we’re talking about a dinghy—a small, often inflatable vessel typically used for short trips or leisurely activities.

By using the term ‘lifts,’ you introduce an element of surprise and excitement. It implies that whatever brings you joy or piques your interest has the power to elevate even the humblest of watercraft.

The phrase encourages individuals to pursue their unique preferences, no matter how small or insignificant they might seem to others.

3. Whatever aerates your pool toy 

This funny phrase is a playful twist on the idiom ‘Whatever floats your boat.’ Instead of using the conventional imagery of a boat, it introduces the idea of a pool toy.

When we say ‘Whatever aerates your pool toy,’ we are saying that whatever brings joy, pleasure, or satisfaction to someone is entirely up to them, even if it seems unconventional or unusual to others.

The humor lies in the unexpected combination of words. The verb ‘aerates’ usually refers to the process of introducing air or oxygen into something.

In this context, it adds a comical element by suggesting that whatever unique or peculiar thing someone finds enjoyable can be as refreshing as the air pumped into a pool toy.

4. Whatever buoys your barge 

In this funny variation of the idiom, we replace the concept of a boat with a barge. By saying ‘Whatever buoys your barge,’ we are playfully suggesting that whatever brings happiness, contentment, or excitement to someone is entirely their prerogative.

The phrase cleverly incorporates a nautical reference while maintaining a light-hearted tone.

The humor lies in the wordplay between ‘buoys’ and ‘barge.’ A buoy is a floating object used to mark a location in the water, allowing boats to navigate safely.

By substituting ‘boat’ with ‘barge,’ we emphasize the idea that everyone has their unique preferences and interests, even if they are larger or less conventional than the typical ‘boat.’

5. As you wish

‘As you wish’ is a humorous way of expressing the idiom ‘Whatever floats your boat.’ This phrase gained popularity from the iconic movie ‘The Princess Bride,’ where it was repeatedly used by the character Westley.

When someone says ‘As you wish,’ they are essentially saying that they will go along with whatever the other person wants or desires.

The humor lies in the fact that it conveys a sense of exaggerated compliance as if the person saying it is willing to grant any and every desire, no matter how absurd or unconventional it may be.

It adds a whimsical touch to the idiom, emphasizing the idea of embracing individual preferences and allowing others to pursue what brings them joy

6. To each their own 

‘To each their own’ is a lighthearted and inclusive way of expressing the idiom ‘Whatever floats your boat.’ This phrase recognizes and respects that different people have different tastes, preferences, and interests.

It implies that everyone is entitled to their own choices and opinions, even if they may differ from our own. The humor in this phrase lies in its playfulness and nonchalant acceptance of diverse perspectives.

It suggests that while we may not understand or personally enjoy someone else’s choices, we can still appreciate and support their right to pursue what brings them happiness or satisfaction

7. If that’s your thing, do your zing

If that’s your thing, do your zing is a funny way of expressing ‘Whatever floats your boat’ and brings a playful twist to the idiom by incorporating the word ‘zing.’

By saying ‘If that’s your thing, do your zing,’ you are essentially giving someone the freedom to pursue their interests or preferences without judgment.

The word ‘zing’ adds a sense of excitement and energy, implying that whatever they choose to do will be done in a unique and lively manner.

This phrase encourages individuality and celebrates the diversity of interests and passions that people have.

It conveys a lighthearted and supportive tone, letting others know that you respect their choices and are open to embracing their personal ‘zing.’

8. Go for it, if it makes you lit

This humorous variation of ‘Whatever floats your boat’ incorporates modern slang to add a fun and trendy flavor.

By saying ‘Go for it, if it makes you lit,’ you are encouraging someone to pursue what they enjoy or find interesting, even if it may seem unconventional or unusual to others.

The word ‘lit’ is often used to describe something exciting, cool, or enjoyable. By using this expression, you are not only acknowledging their unique preferences but also expressing enthusiasm for their choices.

It conveys a sense of encouragement and support, letting them know that you’re rooting for them to find something that brings them joy and excitement.

This playful phrase embraces the ever-evolving nature of language and adds a contemporary twist to the idiom.

9. Suit yourself, don’t be an elf

Suit yourself, don’t be an elf is a whimsical interpretation of ‘Whatever floats your boat’ and takes a humorous approach by incorporating the word ‘elf.’

By saying ‘Suit yourself, don’t be an elf,’ you are playfully suggesting that someone should follow their desires or preferences without trying to conform to societal expectations or norms.

The word ‘elf’ is used here metaphorically to represent someone who tries to fit into a predetermined mold or acts in a way that is expected of them.

This phrase encourages individuality and authenticity, encouraging others to embrace their true selves and not be swayed by external pressures.

It carries a light-hearted tone while conveying the message that it’s okay to be different and to prioritize one’s happiness above societal expectations.

10. If that’s how you roll, rock and troll

Ways to Say Whatever Floats Your Boat

The phrase ‘if that’s how you roll, rock and troll’ substitutes a nautical metaphor for a reference to personal style and lifestyle choices.

Using ‘roll’ to signify moving about plays on the idiom’s original ‘floats’ while adding alliterative flair. Where ‘floats your boat’ passively accepts others’ interests, ‘roll, rock, and troll’ actively conveys enthusiasm through metaphorical dancing, partying, and internet mischief.

Beneath the silly surface lies a kindhearted message – as long as you’re enjoying life according to your rhythms without disturbing others, more power to you.

11. Your call, don’t be a doll

This funny variation of the idiom ‘Whatever floats your boat’ adds a playful twist by incorporating the phrase ‘Don’t be a doll.’ When someone says, ‘Your call, don’t be a doll,’ they are essentially giving the other person the freedom to make their own choice or decision.

The phrase ‘Your call’ implies that the person has the authority to decide what they prefer or what works best for them.

However, the addition of ‘don’t be a doll’ injects humor into the expression. It playfully suggests that the person should not simply follow the crowd or conform to the expectations of others, but instead make a decision that truly reflects their desires and preferences.

The use of ‘doll’ in this context is lighthearted and comical, as it implies that being overly agreeable or accommodating would be akin to acting like a toy doll.

12. If that’s your jam, slam bam thank you, ma’am

If that’s your jam, slam bam thank you, ma’am is a hilarious twist on the idiom ‘Whatever floats your boat’ and replaces the boat metaphor with a musical reference.

The phrase ‘If that’s your jam’ suggests that if something is to your liking or preference, if it resonates with you, then it’s your ‘jam.’ In other words, it’s something you enjoy or find particularly appealing.

The addition of ‘slam bam thank you, ma’am’ injects a playful and catchy rhythm into the expression. This phrase originated from the jazz and swing era and has been used in various contexts to convey enthusiasm or excitement.

By incorporating it into the idiom, it adds a humorous and light-hearted tone. It implies that if something is truly your ‘jam,’ then you should embrace it wholeheartedly and with gusto.

13. If that’s your cup of tea, drink it with glee

‘If that’s your cup of tea, drink it with glee’ is a playful and lighthearted way of saying ‘whatever floats your boat.’ Referring to someone’s preference or choice as their ‘cup of tea’ adds a touch of British charm and humor to the expression.

The phrase suggests that if something is to your liking or preference, you should embrace it with joy and enthusiasm, just like savoring a delightful cup of tea.

By playfully encouraging someone to ‘drink it with glee,’ it emphasizes the importance of embracing individual preferences and enjoying what brings happiness and satisfaction to each person.

14. If that’s your groove, make your move 

‘If that’s your groove, make your move’: This clever phrase takes the idiom ‘whatever floats your boat’ and adds a groovy twist to it.

By referring to someone’s preference as their ‘groove,’ it creates a playful and rhythmic tone. The phrase suggests that if something aligns with your interests or style, you should confidently go for it, just like making a smooth and confident dance move.

It encourages individuals to embrace their uniqueness and pursue what resonates with them, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself and enjoying what brings a sense of rhythm and joy to their lives.

15. Live and let live

This classic and timeless phrase is a humorous way to express the sentiment of ‘whatever floats your boat’ simply and concisely.

The phrase encapsulates the idea of accepting and respecting others’ choices and preferences without judgment or interference.

It humorously implies that life is too short to worry about what others are doing or how they choose to live their lives.

Instead, it encourages individuals to focus on their well-being, allowing others the freedom to do the same.

This phrase playfully reminds us to let go of unnecessary concerns about the choices of others and to embrace a more laid-back and accepting approach to life.

Wrap Up

From old classics to new internet slang, the range of quirky expressions celebrates the diversity of humor that springs up organically across languages and eras.

I hope bringing these alternatives to light has provided a fun new perspective on the concept as well as some chuckle-worthy phrases to sprinkle into the conversation.

While ‘whatever floats your boat’ will surely continue to be a household idiom, adopting any of these other creative ways to show indifferent support for someone else’s interests or preferences is a great way to keep dialogues lively and genuine.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this glimpse into some fun alternatives for saying ‘Whatever floats your boat.’ Feel free to try them out yourself, compare your favorites, or even dream up your twist on the concept.

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