20 Different Ways to Say “You Are My Idol”

We’ve had people say to us You are my idol and we have said that to others, but do we really know what it means to be someone’s idol? When someone calls another an idol, it means that they greatly admire them or that you are their fan.

For someone to call another their idol, means that there are certain things about the person that they love. It could be the way they think, dress, talk, or even the very fact that they are successful.

Most people say You are my idol to celebrities and/or popular figures, while others bring it closer to home. Bringing it closer to home means that they say the phrase to their friends, family, and even acquaintances.

Someone can become your idol because they do things that you love constantly, or because they are your role model, and you hope to be like them one day.

When you meet such people, it is normal for you to tell them that they are your idols. The question now is, are there other ways to tell a person You are my idol and if there is, what is it?

In this article, we will list twenty (20) different ways to tell a person You are my idol.

20 Different Ways to Say “You are my idol

  1. You’ve been my hero since # years old
  2. My superstar
  3. I desire to be like you
  4. I admire you
  5. I look up to you
  6. My role model
  7. You are my topliner
  8. You are my goddess
  9. My personal celestial being
  10. You are my icon
  11. You are the representation of what I want to be.
  12. Apple of my eye
  13. You are my number one
  14. You are my preference anytime any day.
  15. My front-runner.
  16. My fave.
  17. My charm.
  18. My diva.
  19. My daredevil.
  20. My prima donna.

You’ve been my hero since ages

Another word you can use with an idol is a hero. If you are searching for a similar phrase for the statement You are my idol, you can use You’ve been my hero since ages

The latter statement is said when you started as a little child to admire this person. There have been funny stories of people putting pictures of their idols up on the room wall and kissing them goodnight every day.

This could be you, but we will never know. Nevertheless, if you have a person who has been your role model from a very young age, you can use this expression to let them know how they impacted your life.

You are my superstar

Another expression you can use to admire a person aside You are my idol is You are my superstar. A superstar is known by lots of people and is loved by them for their skill or brand.

However, a superstar is not limited to just a person known by everyone. You can choose a special person in your life and call them your superstar because, to you, they are loved for everything that they are.

I desire to be like you

Another statement that can stand in for You are my idol when talking about admiring someone is I desire to be like you. You say that when there is something the person does that you want to adopt.

It may be their dress sense, eating habits, thinking patterns, the way they walk and talk, and every other thing you admire about them. It does not necessarily mean that you want to change your entire character and start behaving exactly like they do – that could be creepy.

I admire you

Another way to say You are my idol is to use the statement I admire you. When you admire a person, it means that you respect the person and approve of what they do.

When you admire a person, they can never do wrong in your eyes. This means that no matter what they do you will always support them. When you admire a person, there is also every likelihood that you love that person.

I look up to you

How to Say You Are My Idol

If you want to tell a person You are my idol you can tell them I look up to you. Most people look up to people who are older than them and have more experience than they do.

When you look up at a person, you respect and admire them. You respect them for what they have achieved, and you admire them for something unique about them.

A person who is being looked up to is always held in high regard or high esteem.

You are my role model

Another way you can tell a person You are my idol is to say You are my role model. When you refer to a person as your role model, you are simply saying that you want to imitate them because they are worthy of imitation.

It must be noted that a role model is usually well-behaved and inspires others to use him/her as an example. It could be a family member, your friend, a stranger or a celebrity.

You are my topliner

When you tell a person You are my topliner, you are also referring to them as your idol. The phrase is an informal term that explains that the person or thing being referred to is of the highest quality.

The term topliner is mostly associated with songwriters in the music industry. However, you can still use the statement for close friends and relatives whom you truly admire and who are talented.

You are my god/goddess

Another way that you can tell a person is You are my idol to use the expression You are my god/goddess. While an idol is known and seen as someone who is extremely loved and admired, it is also seen as a god/goddess.

In this context, a god or a goddess is a male or a female who is loved and admired very much by other people. A god/goddess is also known to be extremely beautiful and perfect whether physically or in character.

My personal celestial being

The statement My personal celestial being is another way that a person can say You are my idol. Something or someone who is celestial is believed to come from the sky or from heaven.

A celestial being is also seen spiritually as belonging to a universe beyond this earth. Due to their creativity, they are seen as having invisible or divine prowess but are actually just humans.

You are my icon

The phrase You are my icon is also another way a person can express the statement You are my idol. An icon is mostly a famous person who is admired by lots of people because he/she represents a particular idea or way of life that others love.

By telling a person that they are your icon, it means that through their character, thinking pattern, and fashion sense, they symbolize everything you believe in or support.

You are the representation of what I want to be

How to Say You Are My Idol

Another phrase that a person can use in place of You are my idol is You are the representation of what I want to be. When you tell a person that, it means that they present everything you admire.

When someone becomes a representation of what you believe in, it means that when describing them they align with your beliefs and that one day, hopefully, you will want to be like them.

Apple of my eye

Another statement that can perfectly replace the phrase You are my idol is You are the apple of my eye. When you are extremely fond of a person and proud to associate with them, then they are the apple of your eyes.

The person may be younger or older than you are, but they are still special to you. There may be other people who you are fond of but there is one among the bunch that you cherish the most.

You are my number one

Another statement to use and qualify the statement You are my idol is You are my number one. Just like an idol, a person is your number one when you cherish and admire them more than others.

For there to be a number one, that means there are other numbers represented which comes after one. This means that the person being called number one should be aware that despite being the most preferred he/she is not the only one.

You are my preference anytime any day

How to Say You Are My Idol

If you are searching for a suitable replacement for the phrase You are my idol, you could use this statement You are my preference anytime any day. When you have a preference for someone, it means your interest in them or desire for them is greater than others.

This sounds more or less like a romantic confession to someone that you love. It may just be a platonic relationship and not a romantic one, but it is used between two people who love themselves very much.

My front-runner

You can use the phrase My front-runner to replace the statement You are my idol. A front-runner is believed to be a winner at everything thus it could be assumed that the person has won your heart.

Calling someone your front-runner will make them feel special and will let them know that they have a special place in your heart. A front-runner is also considered a leader and best at everything they do.

My fave

Another way you can tell a person that they are your idol is to use the statement My fave. The word fave is short for favorite and is used to identify something or something you like more than others of the same kind.

Where there is a collection of the same type of people, and you show more love and admiration for one; that one can be said to be your favorite. Most people shorten it to My fave for easy pronunciation.

My charm

The statement My charm can serve as a suitable replacement for the expression You are my idol. Calling someone your charm can mean two things – either they please you very much or they attract good things to your life.

Regardless of what it means, the person whom you refer to as your charm must have a unique quality that makes them find favor in your sight.

My diva

Another phrase qualified to replace the statement You are my idol is My diva. Despite the popular belief that divas are difficult to please and are attention-demanding, it is of note that they are favored by those who pay attention to them.

Divas are most times loved and cherished by those around them despite the fact that they throw tantrums most times. A diva could be a little girl, a person’s spouse or a person’s relative.

My daredevil

A person can use the phrase My daredevil to replace the statement You are my idol. When you call a person a daredevil, it’s because you admire how they approach situations with boldness.

People who are daredevils have exceptional courage when facing dangerous situations. Usually, they seek out these foolhardy adventures with little or no fear and with reckless boldness.

The phrase My daredevil can be used in different ways such You are my daredevil and I admire you.

My prima donna

Another way that a person can say You are my idol is to use the phrase, My prima donna. A person who is called a prima donna is usually the star of a show and likes to dominate situations.

Most times, it is used as an insult but in situations like this, it can mean a compliment especially if you love the person regardless of their dominating attitude.

To end with

Now that you’ve read through the list of similar phrases to You are my idol and their explanations, feel free to choose from the above listed when speaking to a person that you admire.

The synonyms in the list range from words you can say to someone you are very close to and words you can say to a person of a higher position that you equally admire.

Simply put, the list covers both formal and informal ways to tell a person You are my idol.

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