Seeing Green Lines on Monitor? [FIXED]

Seeing green lines on monitor? The fix could be as simple as adjusting some settings; it could also be some hardware problems; at other times, it can be a sign that the monitor needs a replacement.

Whatever the case, the first thing on your mind will be how to fix the green lines because even if you can see what is displayed on the monitor, these green lines will always remain a cause for concern. To solve this problem, it is good to identify the cause. This way, troubleshooting various fixes will be a lot easier.

This article provides excellent troubleshooting ideas and reasons why you may be seeing green lines on your monitor.

Seeing green lines on monitor? Causes

The GPU is essential in computers. It makes communication between the operating system, installed applications, and the graphics cards possible. When not in good working condition, the display can fluctuate. Once the driver needs an update, some users have complained about seeing green lines on a monitor.

Faulty VGA connection cable: If you use a desktop computer, the VGA cable connects the CPU to the monitor. Even if every other part of the computer is working well, but the VGA cable is not tightly fixed, is terrible, or a portion is slightly cut, the display on the screen will be affected.

Faulty LCD: When a computer screen is about to go wrong, one of the signs you’ll see as a user is an occasional screen malfunctioning. It could be a distortion of images; it could be a blank screen, a white screen, or seeing green lines on monitor.

The best way to confirm if a bad screen is responsible for the green lines on the monitor is to plug the CPU into another monitor. If the green lines also appear on the second monitor, then the problem is not your LCD. If, after connecting to another monitor, the lines disappear, then you know your LCD is responsible for the green lines.

Seeing Green Lines on Monitor? Best Fixes

1. Fix or replace the VGA cable

If you use a desktop computer, inspect the points where the VGA cable connects to the monitor. If this cable is loose, tighten it as it should be. If you find out that the cable is partially disconnected somewhere in the middle, you should reconnect the point where the cable’s connection fails immediately. Sometimes, you may need to replace the cable to fix the green lines on your desktop computer.

If you are using a laptop, we won’t advise you to unscrew the computer, especially if you don’t know how it is done; try the next fix.

2. Uninstall and Re-Install Computer GPU Driver

The GPU driver enables your laptop computer to display on the screen, so you would want to try troubleshooting the display driver.

Type ‘Device Manager’ on the Windows search bar to do this. This promptly takes you to the page where you can see all the drivers installed on your computer.

Next, search for ‘Display Driver’ and click on it. When you can see the drivers, right-click on it and click Uninstall.

Next, right-click the driver again and choose the option to search online for available display drivers automatically. When you find one which will always be the most recent display driver, Download and Install it. Restart your laptop and watch as the green lines disappear.

3. Install any available Windows update

If none of these fixes your issue with the green lines on monitor, check if there are pending updates from Windows. One thing is that the update might not be related to the GPU but can still affect the overall function of your computer.

If there are pending updates, download and install the updates.

4. Connect to another monitor

If you are working with a desktop computer and none seem to be working after trying the fixes so far, consider replacing your monitor. The green lines on the monitor could indicate that the monitor might soon develop serious faults. Replacing the monitor will be the best thing to do at this stage.

However, before doing this, ensure every other option has been exhausted.

5. Replace the screen if faulty

For laptop owners, the screen will not just go blank one day; most times, indicators like green lines, white lines, or distorted images are symptoms of faults. Purchase a new screen and fix it. And if you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry!

Visit a technician who will help you replace the screen. When this is done, the green lines will be gone.

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