PS5 Controller Not Working on PC [FIXED]

I downloaded some games on my PC from Steam, and while I can seamlessly use the PS3 wired controller in these games, I thought I could try using the new PS5 controllers to see how they perform, but it failed to work. I tried some tweaks, and the PS5 started working for games on my PC.

If you’re also experiencing the PS5 controller not working on PC issue, here are a few things to try.

Ps5 Controller Not Working On PC? Best Fixes

Fix 1: Do A Soft Reset of The Game

Simple hardware problems affecting the PS5 controller can be fixed with a simple reboot of the game. As soon as you notice the controller not working, the first thing you should do is close the windows and relaunch the game. This starts every process again and resets common issues like the PS5 controller not working.

Fix 2: Disconnect all devices from the PS5 controller

Ensure that there are no wireless devices connected to the controller. If synced with other devices, disconnect the controller from them all or turn OFF the Bluetooth on the devices. You can also shut down the other devices to be on the safer side. This automatically eliminates any Bluetooth interference around and should fix your PS5 controller.

Fix 3: Use a different USB-C cable

Another way to fix the PS5 controller not working on PC is to replace the USB-C cable. It is recommended to use the cable that came with the controller. If a faulty cable is a reason for the problem, then the only way to get it back up is by changing the cable to another USB-C cable that can transmit both power and data.

Fix 4: Use another USB port

Users have reported cases of the PS5 controller not working on PC until the controller is connected through another USB port. It is a bug that usually affects the first USB port. The fix? Use any other USB port apart from the first one. Some users prefer using the rare port.

Fix 5: Clean the USB ports

Get a clean piece of cloth and gently take any debris out of the USB ports. Dust, food particles, and liquid in USB ports can make them unresponsive. Alternatively, you can blow compressed air into the ports to clear the ports of residual dust. After doing this, reconnect the controller and enjoy your game.

Fix 6: Repair or change the controller

If, after trying out every fix, none seem to be working and the controller remains unresponsive, repair or replace the controller. Visit Sony’s PlayStation page online to report the issue. You may be fortunate to get a replacement for free.

PS5 Controller Not Working On PC? Causes

Bluetooth connectivity issue

Bluetooth connections can glitch from time to time. It may be from the PC or the controller.

Incorrect controller settings

For PS5 controllers that are connected via a USB cable, controller settings for the PS5 must be correctly set before they can work. When it doesn’t, the PC will recognize the USB when plugged through the USB ports, but it will not sync with the game when launched.

Damaged USB-C cable

Another common reason for the PS5 controller not working on PC error message is a faulty USB-C cable or port. One gamer struggled with altering various settings for days until he decided to replace the cable.

How to Connect PS5 controller to PC correctly

To connect the PS5 DualSense controller to your PC, use the following methods:

The USB-C cable connection

It is always recommended to use the USB-C cable that comes with the box. However, any data and power transferring USB cable can also work.

  • Launch the game on your computer
  • Put one end of the cable into your PC and the other end of the cable into the USB-C port of your DualSense controller
  • Wait for some seconds for it to install the drivers
  • When it is ready, the controller adaptive triggers will come on, signifying that you are good to go

Bluetooth connection

To do this:

  • Launch your PC Bluetooth and search for available devices
  • On your controller, press the PS button and the Share button simultaneously to put it in the pairing mode
  • Wait until the LEDs around the controller start flashing.
  • The Wireless controller should appear on the available devices list on your PC by now. Click on it to pair the controller, and you are also good to go.

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