20 Phrases Similar to “Back in the Saddle”

The phrase Back in the saddle has been used occasionally by people who wish to express that someone who gave up on an activity or situation has returned to it.

It could be that they were involved in it wholly or partly in the situation or activity. Usually, when a person is in the saddle, they are in control of what’s going on.

It can also be said that they are on the saddle and they are in power where it concerns the situation. This then means that when they finally lose that control or power and they recover it, they are Back in the saddle.

It must be noted that the activity they are regaining control of must be the one they were doing before they fell off the saddle (i.e. before they lost control of the situation).

Therefore in any of these situations, one can say to be Back in/on the saddle and there are other ways that a person can say this. In this article, we will be listing out twenty (20) phrases that are similar to the statement Back in the saddle and their explanations.

20 Phrases Similar to “Back in the Saddle”

The phrases listed in this article range from literal synonyms to figurative synonyms and they are as follows:

  1. Get on again.
  2. Remount
  3. Climb on again.
  4. Get back on.
  5. Mount again.
  6. Ride again.
  7. Get back in the game.
  8. Pick up where you left off.
  9. To try again.
  10. Back in the ride.
  11. Bestride again.
  12. Hop on again.
  13. Re-ascend the saddle.
  14. Re-horse.
  15. Restore your position on the saddle.
  16. Back in control.
  17. To recover power lost.
  18. To regain control.
  19. To be restored to your position.
  20. To resume an activity.

Get on again

The statement Back in the Saddle can be used interchangeably with Get on again. When someone falls from the saddle, and they get back in the saddle then you can say that they are getting on again.

When someone tells you to get on again, they are telling you to get up from where you fell and get on again. It may not literally refer to getting off a horse saddle but can also be a figurative way to tell a person to get on again with life.


Phrases Similar to Back in the Saddle

Another word that can be used to qualify Back in the saddle is the word Remount. When a person remounts something, it means that they are getting on it again after falling or getting off of it.

Whatever pushed them down may have been out of their control and the only choice they have is to dust themselves up and remount. Literally, a person can fall off any type of ride (like a horse or bicycle) and figuratively, they can ‘fall off’ a situation.

Climb on again

Another phrase that can replace the phrase Back in the saddle is the statement Climb on again. Just like the statement, it means to go up something (such as a ladder, stairs, or horse) towards the top.

In this context, two things are involved, the person must have fallen downwards hence the need to go in the opposite direction – upwards. Thus, a person can use this statement Climb on again to signify that they are getting back in the saddle.

Get back on

The statement Get back on is another way that a person can say Back in the saddle. When you need to get back on something, it means that you need to return to that thing.

The statement does not specify which direction the person is supposed to get back on. This then means that whatever you need to do to get back on from where you fell from, you should do it and it will qualify as getting back in the saddle.

Mount again

Another phrase that can be considered synonymous with Back in the Saddle is Mount again. When someone mounts something again, they get back on it with the intention of riding it.

A person can literally ride a bicycle or a horse while they can figuratively ride over an issue or problem they are facing in life. Figuratively, a person who mounts again has decided to stand tall and not run away from whatever they are facing.

Ride again

Another expression that a person can use to qualify the phrase Back in the saddle is Ride again. The meaning of the statement Ride again is as succinct and simple as it sounds.

When a person has to ride again it means that they may have gotten off or fallen from their ride, and they need to get back on it. It could be that the person was in his/her learning process, or they simply made a mistake that caused them to fall.

That will now imply that all they have to do is learn from their mistakes and attempt to ride again.

Get back in the game

Phrases Similar to Back in the Saddle

Another way that a person can express they are back in the saddle is to say that they are getting back in the game. This idiom simply represents someone who has been out of their game for some time and intends to get back in it.

The game may not literally be an activity of fun, sport, or competition, it may just be in reference to life in general.  Either way, when someone encourages you to get back in the saddle, they want you to put yourself out there again.

Pick up where you left off

The phrase Pick up where you left off is another way a person can express that they are Back in the saddle. A person who needs to get back in the saddle must have fallen off while actively trying to get on it.

Thus, the best thing the person can do is to continue from where they stopped hence the saying Pick up where you left off. They can now learn from their mistakes and try to avoid them when they try again.

To try again

The statement To try again is a great replacement for the phrase Back in the saddle. When a person tries something again, it means they make another attempt or take another shot at that thing.

It is commendable when people do so because the easier choice is to simply give up, so when a person chooses to do otherwise then they should be encouraged because they are making an attempt.

Back in the ride

The phrase Back in the ride is a good replacement for the statement Back in the saddle. Ride in this context can mean a lot of things ranging from a car, bicycle, an activity or a situation.

It can be used in the following instances – “I’ve been off the grid for a while but now I’m back in the ride”. It can also be used as slang to say that someone’s back on business.

Bestride again

Phrases Similar to Back in the Saddle

Another way that a person can say that they are Back in the saddle is to say that they are Bestride again. When a person bestrides something, they sit with one leg on either side of that thing.

That way, they have more control over that object or situation. A person can be asked Hey, how’s it going?, which he/she can then respond with, “It’s going great, I am bestride it”.

Hop on again

The statement Hop on again is another way a person can say Back in the saddle. Due to the nature of getting a person back on the saddle, it can be said that they have hopped on the ride again.

Someone can also hop on a challenge or on the wheels of something. When he/she hops on a challenge, he/she is willing to take part in it and make a difference.

On the other hand, if he/she decides to hop on the wheels then he/she is willing to take control of a situation not minding the responsibilities that come with it.

Re-ascend the saddle

If you seek for another way to say that a person is Back in the saddle, you can use the statement Re-ascend the saddle. Before someone can re-ascend a saddle or any other object, they must have fallen from it or willingly gotten down from it.

The saddle or the object must also be higher than them for them to ascend. For instance, you can say, “He/she got down from their high horse because the saddle was not clinched tightly but now they’ve re-ascended”.


If you want to say that a person has gotten back on the saddle, you can also use the word Re-horse. This is only possible where the word horse is used as a verb in that statement.

Then when you say that the person has Re-horsed, it would mean that they were seated properly on the ‘horse’, gotten down from it, climbed up again, and are now comfortably seated on it.

Restore your position on the saddle

Another way that a person can say that they are Back in the saddle is to say that their position on the saddle has been restored. This alternative phrase is mostly used when the person is removed from the saddle by a usurper.

It is a figurative expression that is used to imply that power or control was taken from the speaker but has now been restored to him. It doesn’t matter if it was given to him/her willingly or if he had to fight for it.

Back in control

The statement Back in the saddle can be used interchangeably with Back in the saddle. This is because being in the saddle has been compared to being in control of something.

Thus, when a person is back or returns to the saddle, then he/she can be said to be Back in control of that thing. A good sentence example is – “My ride spun out of control for a while, but I’ve gotten it back in control now”.

To recover power lost

When you are looking for another way to say that you are Back in the saddle, you can use the statement To recover power lost. A person who has power has the ability to control some things or people.

Now sometimes, this power can be lost, stolen, or temporarily missing. When someone then gets the power back or finds it after being lost, it can then be said that they have recovered the power lost.

To regain control

Phrases Similar to Back in the Saddle

Someone who is back in the saddle can also be said to have regained control that they have lost. A person can only regain what they have lost or no longer have.

It could be the ability to control something or someone or even a situation. It can also be said that the person is on top of the situation which shows that you have regained control of a situation that you once lost.

To be restored to your position

Another way that you can express being back in the saddle is to be restored to your position. This mostly suits a person whose position bespoke that of power or allows him/her to control a situation.

There are many factors that may have made the person lose their position, however, when it’s restored the person is now back in the saddle.

To resume an activity

Someone can also be said to be back in the saddle when they have resumed an activity.

For example, when a person pulls out of doing something, they have gotten off the saddle and when they return, then they are back in the saddle.

To end with

Now that we’ve come to the end of this list, be sure to make your pick whenever you are searching for phrases synonymous with Back in the saddle.

Each phrase mentioned above has a situation where it can be most suitably used so that the readers don’t have to stress themselves thinking of what to say.

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