Exploring the Benefits of REI Credit Cards

Discover the amazing REI credit card benefits that offer outdoor enthusiasts exclusive rewards and perks. From camping gear discounts to adventure travel, these cards are a must for nature lovers.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, you’re in for a treat. The world of REI credit card benefits is a gateway to exclusive rewards and perks designed with nature lovers in mind. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate the lush forests of benefits these cards offer, making them a must-have for adventurers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts.

The Great Outdoors Meets Great Rewards

Discount on Camping Gear

One of the standout features of REI credit cards is the exclusive discount on camping gear. As a cardholder, you can enjoy substantial savings on tents, sleeping bags, and other outdoor essentials, making your adventures even more affordable.

Adventure Travel Rewards

REI credit cards are your ticket to exciting adventure travel. Earn points on your everyday purchases and use them for thrilling travel experiences, including guided hikes, outdoor excursions, and more.

Dividends on Purchases

REI believes in rewarding its loyal customers. With an REI credit card, you earn dividends on your purchases, and these dividends can be used to buy more outdoor gear or clothing, ensuring that your love for the outdoors never wanes.

Exclusive Member-Only Events

Cardholders receive invites to member-only events, giving you access to exclusive sales, product demos, and outdoor workshops. It’s a community of like-minded nature enthusiasts.

Rental Gear Discounts

Sometimes it’s better to rent than buy. REI credit card benefits include discounts on rental gear, so you can try out new equipment without a hefty price tag.

Free Gear Repair and Maintenance

REI is dedicated to keeping your outdoor gear in top shape. With an REI credit card, you can enjoy free gear repair and maintenance for REI purchases.


1. How can I apply for an REI credit card?

To apply for an REI credit card, visit the REI website or your nearest store and fill out an application. Approval is based on creditworthiness.

2. Are REI credit cards suitable for non-outdoor enthusiasts?

While these cards are tailored for outdoor lovers, the benefits, such as discounts on camping gear and adventure travel rewards, can still be attractive to those who enjoy the occasional outdoor adventure.

3. Do REI credit cards have an annual fee?

REI credit cards may come with an annual fee, but the benefits and rewards can often outweigh this cost for those who frequently shop at REI or are outdoor enthusiasts.

4. What is the process of redeeming rewards points?

You can easily redeem rewards points through the REI website or mobile app. Simply select your reward and apply it to your purchase at checkout.

5. Are there foreign transaction fees with REI credit cards?

REI credit cards typically do not have foreign transaction fees, making them a good choice for travelers.

6. How does the free gear repair and maintenance work?

You can take your REI gear to an REI store, and they will provide free repairs and maintenance for eligible items.


In conclusion, REI credit card benefits are a nature lover’s dream. With discounts on camping gear, adventure travel rewards, and a host of other perks, these cards offer a seamless blend of financial benefits and outdoor adventures. Whether you’re a seasoned backpacker or a weekend hiker, REI credit cards bring the great outdoors closer to you.

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