Can Someone Hack My Phone from My Number?

You might think your strong passwords are enough to keep you safe – to protect your phone, personal information, and bank account.

Well, you’re right… and wrong.

While setting up passwords and two-factor authentication can protect your bank account and personal information, hackers nowadays have several methods of getting into your phone and bank accounts without having to guess your passwords. Your password is the least of their worries. One of the most important things they need to access basically your whole life is your phone number.

You’re probably now thinking “can someone hack my phone from my number?” How is that even possible?

This information is not to scare you, it’s to let you know about the dangers of being careless with your phone number and other private information. This article will answer the question “can someone hack my phone from my number?” and also give some tips to protect yourself.

Can Someone Hack My Phone from My Number?

No, your phone cannot be hacked from your number, but your personal information and bank account can be accessed through your phone number. Hackers get random or targeted cell phone numbers from data breaches, the internet, social accounts, phone bills in the garbage, etc., and hack the numbers by calling the carriers pretending to be the customer. All they need to do is answer a few questions, then ask the carrier to port out the number to another carrier.

This would give them full access to your phone number to reset passwords, get into your accounts via two-factor authentication and send or receive calls and messages. Hackers can also send you messages trying to phish for personal data or trying to get you to download some app that would give them access to your phone. Some other ways that hackers can get into your phone are by hacking your iCloud, installing spyware on your phone, fake Wi-Fi networks, and malicious websites or links.

Can Someone Hack My Phone by Texting Me?

No, your phone cannot be hacked simply by receiving or sending a text, however, a hacker can send a disguised text convincing you to click a link to a malicious website or to download spyware or some app. This would then give them access to spy on you through your phone and gain access to your personal information. They could also send you a text pretending to be a company whose services you use just to get you to tap a link.

Can Someone Hack My Bank Account with My Phone Number?

Yes, your bank account can be hacked with your phone number. Once a hacker gets your phone number, they will call your carrier pretending to be you and then port out your number to another carrier or sim card. This gives them some access to your phone number and your bank account (if these are linked). So, all they need to do is reset your passwords using your phone number. The bank will then send a text containing either a reset password link or a code to your phone number (that has been hacked), the hacker will see this text and use it to reset your password or log into your account. This hacking method can also be used to hack into your other accounts e.g. social accounts and email accounts. They can also use your number to call your bank or any other company pretending to be you.

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Can Someone Hack into Your Phone by Calling You?

No, your phone cannot be hacked by a phone call, however, hackers can call you pretending to be a representative from a company whose services you use, asking you questions and trying to get some of your personal information. They will then use these pieces of information to access your accounts.

What Can Someone Do with Your Phone Number and Name?

If a hacker can steal your phone number and name, they can use it to access your accounts, call your bank pretending to be you, scam your contacts, steal your identity, access your voice mail, send and receive texts and calls, steal your number, monitor you and maybe your family, get more information about you, sell your personal information, track your location, and so much more.

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How To Protect My Phone Number

One way to protect your phone number from hackers is by setting up a secondary security password for your account. You can do this by calling your carrier to set it up. Here are some other ways to protect your phone number:

  • Check for and cancel call forwarding settings using *#002# and ##002# respectively
  • Check for and cancel conditional phone forwarding settings using *#004# and ##004# respectively
  • Have a secondary number
  • Give out fake or secondary phone numbers
  • Use your secondary number on suspicious sites
  • Use VPN to secure the connection between your phone and the internet especially when using public Wi-Fi
  • Use a password manager
  • Enhance your phone security features
  • Two or three-step verifications and password verifications
  • Be careful when giving out personal information
  • Be careful with the links and apps you click and download
  • Get rid of data you don’t use on other devices
  • You can disable online access to your cell phone account
  • Do not jailbreak your phone
  • Try not to use public Wi-Fi
  • Keep your phone and apps updated
  • Enable ‘Find My iPhone’


For those asking ‘can someone hack my phone from my number’, you should have your answer and more after reading this article. Just as there are a lot of methods hackers can use to get into your phone, there are also a lot of ways to protect your number and phone from getting hacked. Your safety and that of your friends and family should be your priority.

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