20 Yolo Similar Phrases

YOLO is an acronym for ‘You Only Live Once.‘ It is an acronym that explains that you should enjoy the moment and make the best of an opportunity you find yourself in because you only live once and you may not have the opportunity to enjoy that moment. 

This acronym became a popular slang in 2012 when a lot of internet users started making use of it to describe how important it is to make the best of the moment. 

In this well-researched article, I explained the different ways you can say ‘YOLO’ when you are in a conversation or when you want to put it in writing. 

20 Yolo Similar Phrases

  1. Live for the day.
  2. Seize the present moment.
  3. Go all in.
  4. All in or nothing.
  5. Live for today.
  6. Seize the opportunity while it still stands.
  7. Live it right here and now.
  8.  Enjoy every moment.
  9.  Live for the moment.
  10.  Carpe diem.
  11. Do not think too much about the morrow.
  12.  Put everything on the line with no fear.
  13.  Risk it.
  14.   Pluck this day without too much thinking.
  15. Take it on.
  16.  Accept the challenge.
  17. Gamble it.
  18. Live in the now.
  19. Take it head-on.
  20. Take the dare.

Live for the day

Yolo Similar Phrases

‘Live for the day’ is one of the best phrases to use in place of ‘YOLO.’ 

This expresses how important it is to live for the day and make the best of the day. Bothering about tomorrow will do you no good, so why not do that thing you so much want to do because you do not know if you will be there tomorrow? 


  • Do not stress about making a decision, remember you only live for the day. 

Seize the present moment

Yolo Similar Phrases

‘Seize the present moment’ is a better way to say ‘YOLO.’ 

Certain opportunities do not come all the time, when such opportunities come your way it is usually a good option to seize the present moment and ensure that you take that opportunity head on and you should not let it pass.


  • Do not waste any more time, ensure you seize the present moment! 

Go all in

A better way to say ‘YOLO’ is ‘Go all in.’

When you want to do something you have never done before you may seem scared because you do not know what the outcome may be. 

In such situations, you should go all in without thinking too much about it. When you think too much about a decision you want to make, it could make you not make that decision. That is why you should go all in when the need arises. 


  • Hey, go all in, do not be scared to take a leap of faith. 

All in or nothing

‘All in or nothing’ is one of the similar ways to say ‘YOLO’ 

That moment when you feel you do not care anymore about the outcome of a situation and you want to do what you have in mind, it is the right time to say ‘all in or nothing.’ 

It shows you have made up your mind to put your best in it and you do not care what the outcome is. 


  • We have to make sure we win this competition, we go all in or nothing

Live for today

‘Live for today’ is synonymous with ‘YOLO.’ 

Living for today is the same as saying you should live in the present and not bother about what will happen in the future. Do things as if you have only today to live. 


  • If you worry too much you may not end up enjoying the moment, just live for today.

Seize the opportunity while it still stands

‘Seize the opportunity while it still stands’ is one of the best ways to say ‘YOLO.’ 

I have explained earlier in this article that opportunities come and go and sometimes you may not have the opportunity come your way again, it is best to seize the opportunity while it still stands. 

Two things could happen when an opportunity comes your way, the opportunity could either be taken by someone else or it can vanish because you did not take on the opportunity. 


  • You know you have waited so long for this, why don’t you seize the opportunity while it still stands?

Live it right here and now

You can say ‘Live it right here and now’ as a better way to say ‘YOLO.’ 

You only have one life so why not make the best of it, you ought to live that life right here and now and not worry too much about the future or how things will turn out. 


  • Everyone will get old and die eventually, so live it right here and now. 

Enjoy every moment

You can say ‘Enjoy every moment’ instead of ‘YOLO.’ 

Enjoying every moment means you need to enjoy the present state you are in and not worry too much about what is going to happen in the near

  • The more you think or wait, the more opportunity will pass you by, enjoy every moment. 

Live for the moment

‘Live for the moment’ is one of the best ways to say ‘YOLO.’

Living for the moment is the same as saying one should live in the present and act like today is the only day you have left. Usually, when you act like today is all you have left, you tend to live a more intentional life and you make better decisions. 

When you tell someone to live for the moment, it is as though you are telling the person to live like today is the only day left. 


  • It’s best you enjoy yourself today, live for the moment

Carpe diem

‘Carpe diem’ is a simple way to say ‘YOLO.’ It can be translated as ‘enjoy yourself while you still have the chance.’ 

At some point in our lives, we all grow old and there are opportunities you may not be able to take on probably because age is no longer on your side. 


  • You can’t tell how long you have to enjoy this moment, it is as easy as saying carpe diem. 

Do not think too much about the morrow

‘Don’t think too much about the morrow’ is a cool way to say ‘YOLO.’

Worrying about tomorrow means worrying about tomorrow. When you worry too much, you end up making decisions that could hurt you in the end. Especially when you worry about the morrow. 


  • Don’t think too much about the morrow, just to make the decision

Put everything on the line with no fear

‘YOLO’ can be replaced with ‘Put everything on the line with no fear.’ 

Usually, when you are scared about something, you do not do it because you are scared about what could go wrong.

But when you are willing to put everything on the line you will not think twice about making that decision. 


  • When you are ready you should let me know, as for me I am ready to put everything on the line with no fear. 

Risk it

‘Risk it’ is another unique way to say ‘YOLO.’ 

When you risk something it shows you do not care too much if it goes wrong or right, you are willing to take the risk regardless. 

You already know you have nothing much to lose and life is short anyway, so why not risk it instead? 


  • Don’t think too much about it, just risk it, it is worth it. 

Pluck this day without too much thinking

One of the best ways to say ‘YOLO’ is ‘Pluck this day without too much thinking.’ 

This is an indirect way of saying that you should make the best out of the day without thinking too much about it. With this mentality, you will do what you ought to do without worrying if it will work out or not. 


  • If I were in your shoes I would pluck this day without too much thinking. 

Take it on

Instead of saying ‘YOLO’ you can at ‘Take it on.’

Take it on is a simple way to tell someone to take the bull by the horns. Taking the bull by the horns shows you are ready to go all in and risk it all without too much thinking. 


  • Take it on brother, don’t flinch! 

Accept the challenge

A better replacement for ‘YOLO’ is ‘Accept the challenge.’

In life, we tend to face different challenges. Sometimes, challenges come in different forms. Making a delicate decision could be a challenge to you because you do not know what to choose at that point. 

In a situation like this, it is best to accept the challenge just as it is and take it on. People often find it difficult to take on a challenge, but once you can accept it and take it on, it will become less of a challenge. 


  • I know you were not prepared, but I think you should accept the challenge and move on. Do you think so?

Gamble it

‘Gamble ‘ is a better way to say ‘YOLO.’ 

Usually, when you game something, you put it at risk. The same thing is applicable here. 

YOLO can be used when you want to put something at risk and you want to make yourself not to feel bad about the decision you are about to take. In such situations instead of saying ‘YOLO’  you can simply say ‘Gamble it.’ 


  • You win some, you lose some, go ahead and gamble it! 

Live in the now

‘Live in the now’ sounds like a more unique way to say ‘YOLO.’ 

Living in the now is a way of reminding the person to live in the present moment and not bother too much about what the future holds or the mistakes of the past. 

Usually, when you live in the present moment, you make yourself relaxed because you are not scared of what could go wrong or right. You are ready to handle what comes after. 

Living in the right now also means you live like now is the only time you have got.


  • You tend to do things with fear and try to live in the now. 

Take it head-on

‘Take it head on’ is one of the similar ways to say ‘YOLO.’ 

Take it head-on as a way of telling someone to take charge of something without fear of losing or not performing well. 

It is also a reminder to someone that you only have one life to live and you live it once, this is more reason why you encourage the person to take it head on and handle the task just as you should. 


  • Don’t be afraid, take it head-on. Who knows when next you will come across such an opportunity?

Take the dare

‘Take the dare’ sounds like another way to say ‘YOLO.’

Opportunities do not always come when you think they would, when you see it it is best you take the dare and go for the opportunity. 

Not doing anything when you know the opportunity will benefit you is the same as letting the opportunity go. 

When you are about to do something you have not done before it is usually more like a dare. You are daring yourself to go beyond what you normally would. 

When you have the mentality that tomorrow is not promised, you will be motivated to take any dare that comes your way. 


  • Take the dare, this is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity

To End With

Two phrases can sound so different, but they usually mean the same thing. This article explains the different ways you can say ‘YOLO.’ 

Either when you are surfing through the internet or when you are having a chat with someone, you must have seen them say YOLO. 

This article explained what it means and also the different ways you can say it depends on where you want to use it. 

Whichever one you decide to use, ensure you use it in the right context. 

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