Backyard bird of the month for December: American Robin

The American Robin, known as "kwikweskas" in Abenaki, is cherished across North America.

Beloved Backyard Birds

Recognizable by their calls, their Abenaki name echoes these distinctive sounds.

Distinctive Calls and Symbolism

These charismatic birds signify both spring's arrival and fall's onset with their presence.

Seasonal Signs

During spring, they hunt for worms on lawns, while in fall, they form large migrating flocks.

Foraging Behavior

These flocks travel between food sources and roosting sites using hardy fruiting trees and shrubs like Winterberry and crabapples.

Movement Patterns

While their widespread presence is known, the complete understanding of their seasonal movements remains incomplete.

Migration Dynamics

Some robins breeding in Maine migrate to the Southeast, while others have more local seasonal movements.

Migration Routes

American Robins from Maine have been spotted in Quebec, Chesapeake Bay, and coastal Carolina.

Migration Sightings

The migratory behavior is instinctual; even hand-reared juveniles displayed restlessness around dusk at just 14 days old.

Innate Behavior

Despite observations, the full scope of their movements remains a subject of ongoing research, adding to the mystique of these beloved birds.

Ongoing Mysteries