Ahead Of The ‘GTA 6’ Trailer, What The First ‘GTA 5’ Trailer Kept Hidden

The imminent arrival of the GTA 6 trailer on December 5 at 9 AM ET has sparked immense anticipation in the gaming world, marking it as one of the most significant events in the industry for 2023.

As everyone eagerly awaits the unveiling of the GTA 6 trailer, comparisons are drawn to the first GTA 5 trailer released in November 2011, nearly two years before the game's launch in September 2013.

The GTA 5 debut trailer primarily showcased the city of Los Santos and hinted at the larger San Andreas, transitioning from serene landscapes to the gritty criminal underbelly, mirroring protagonist Michael's shift in narrative from family aspirations to criminal realities.

Notably absent from the initial GTA 5 trailer were clear depictions of characters like Trevor and Franklin, though a brief glimpse of Franklin was included, easily missed upon initial viewing.

While the GTA 5 trailer hinted at multiple protagonists, it didn't explicitly reveal this aspect, which contrasts with the already leaked information about GTA 6 featuring a criminal duo, Lucia and Jason, akin to a modern-day Bonnie and Clyde set in Vice City.

Unlike the first GTA 5 trailer, which focused on the theme and setting without specific character details, expectations for the GTA 6 trailer lean toward showcasing Vice City while possibly withholding intricate plot or character specifics.

Similarly, the initial GTA 5 trailer didn't disclose a release date or window. Instead, Take Two's investor information suggests a significant revenue surge in the upcoming fiscal year, potentially aligning with a release timeframe from spring to spring, hinting at a possible launch by holiday 2024 or extending into 2025.

Despite being released over a decade ago and showcased on older console generations, the impact of the GTA 5 trailer remains substantial, with 92 million views, reflecting the series' enduring allure.

Anticipation for the GTA 6 trailer is monumental, evident from the teaser's immense reach with 1.6 million likes and 124 million impressions from a single image, signifying the game's monumental impact and widespread interest in the gaming community.

With gaming's exponential growth over the past decade and GTA's evolution from a successful series to an industry juggernaut, expectations are high that the forthcoming GTA 6 trailer will surpass its predecessor in terms of impact and reception, regardless of its content.